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Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
checker, political editor, "u.s.a. today," who is right? >> mitt romney does have tax cuts in his plan. the issue is it really a $5 trillion tax cut? because what he says, if it will -- it will make more revenue because it creates more jobs. those people then start paying taxes. so it doesn't actually cut revenues to the government. but there are cuts in the tax rate that individuals pay. i'm not sure how to count whether that is or is not a tax cut. >> bottom line, $5 trillion not $5 trillion or there is no bottom line? >> the romney-ryan plan has never specified exactly what the loopholes they will close or how the math adds up, but they say it is not a $5 trillion tax cut because it has these other residual benefits. >> our coverage at continues. get more fact checks from "u.s.a. today" right there and see how a university of maryland professor helped in gauging the instant reaction. hear more from the candidates themselves. all that and more right now on the front page of and of course we will have coverage the vice presidential candidates coming up with their
Oct 5, 2012 6:00am EDT
on in the dog and cat. the washington animal rescue league has this an its website. take a look right there. if you want to cast a vote for bark obama, he's the tricolor hound for south carolina. there's also mittns romney. 8-week-old little kitty cat. here's what you do. you go to and you can pick your animal. >> cute, very very cute. >> love it. >> that's election you could probably vote over and over and over. exactly. >> there's a limit. >> exactly. >>> well, good morning, beautiful out there this morning. got a cool crisp start to the day and we're going to have temperatures this afternoon which are going to be just awesome into the low 80s. we start with the bus stop forecast for you on this friday morning and we're looking at temps as i said cool. crisp and 50s and 60s with generally clear skies and a pretty moon out there this morning. sunrise at about 7:08. it sets like around 6:45 this afternoon effort for the day planner, well, we are looking at sunshine. 77 by noon. 3:00 temp 81 and by 6:00. we've got temps in the upper 70s. the high today about 83 but this morning low
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2